Genesis Cricket Australia – Owner Profile

Genesis Cricket Australia is owned by Carl Breitenbach. Below is a profile break down of where, what and why Genesis Cricket Australia is today.

Who is Carl and where is he from?

Carl Breitenbach – Genesis Cricket Australia owner was born in Cape Town, South Africa and played most of his cricket without financial support, however, through commitment and drive to improve he kept on striving to become the cricketer he knew he could. Carl and his family didn’t have a lot of money growing up, however, it didn’t stop him from hitting the nets for 2 to 3 hours when ever his homework was finished every day or having a neighbourhood game in the front garden.  

Why Genesis Cricket Australia is so important to the game in Australia?

As you know Genesis is about new beginnings and bringing on ambassadors who care for their community first …. Our Values shape who we are today – Trust, Integrity, Sustainability & Excellence. I have to thank Shivon Doyle in SA who believed in me even when I was CBC – Cricket Bat Creations to come across to this great brand as we both live and breath for quality gear at quality prices to help any level of cricketer achieve their goals.

Apart from cricket Carl does have other favourite past times?

My favourite past time is BBQ (braai in SA). I love competing (I am a competitive beast) the most on the Australian ‘Low and Slow’ Barbecue scene, however, it is the comradery of the BBQ family / teams that keeps me coming back for more. It is all about TEAM for me which relates back to my love of TEAM in cricket.

Which cricket star or stars did you want to be like when you grew up?

Jacque Kallis, Herschel Gibbs and of course Hansie Cronje. Funny thing is I was in the nets with some of my team mates on the day it happened and was devastated when Hansie did what he did to cricket, a sacred sport in my mind. I almost gave it all up, but the love of the game pushed me back into the nets and onto the park day in, day out!!

When did you first start playing cricket? What is your earliest memory?

5 years old at primary school was when I found cricket. Earliest memory for me was back in Kimberley (North Western Cape) primary school where we played on matting. As an 8 year old I was always having to retire early and watch from the side lines because I got to 25 in the second over! My coach told me to grow some patience or I would never get given a go. Well I went to U12 Western Province trials and made it through to the final 30 kids by playing like this. In the end because I got out for 30’s and 40’s early on, I was not chosen to keep going. Now I realise what my coach was teaching me that I needed to last more than 10 overs as I could have turned those 30’s and 40’s into 100’s. Coaches said you needed to mirror Kepler Wessels…. who were they kidding….. haha, however, he was right as now days teaching kids about patience is the best thing for them to learn. I am concerned with the T20 game and soon the T10 game that is hurting cricket, but tests will never die.

What are your future ambitions and goals moving forward?

Genesis Cricket Australia becomes the choice for growing the game. Our ambition is to create environment for youth to continue to love the game while doing their studies. I think the cost for families to keep kids in the game is becoming unbearbale and while kids love the game. they need to gear to keep them performing better than the rest. We are tired of seeing the prices for goods and services in the Australian market based on ‘profit’ hungry businesses that do not put back into grass roots. Not a sustainable model!! Genesis Cricket’s passion is kids and all kids. Where is the support for programs that not only attract the rich but also for those who are under privileged. Remember Carl’s story above, he didn’t have the money to go to the schools that a Jacques or Herschel went to, so he had to work harder to shine a light on himself!!! Everyone deserves a chance at education and their love of Sport. 


Genesis Cricket is a new brand seeking the best youth to grow with. Genesis is a new beginning for cricket with the best English Willow bats and guaranteed quality softs that make you feel like a pro whether you are or not. From top professionals to club cricket we all deserve quality gear at quality prices.

Our ambassadors have been hand picked based on their drive and passion to help Genesis succeed as the new force to be reckoned with globally. Ambassadors believe in Genesis not only for themselves but for anyone else looking to come onboard and live the Genesis family values way.

Jaron Morgan

Jaron has played premier and state cricket in Western Australia since he was 15 years old. Genesis is lucky to have Jaron as an ambassador to lead the charge with his brother Garrick to grow our brand and awareness of the quality we bring to all levels of cricket in WA. Jaron has also represented Australia at U19 level and is looking for explode into the Big Bash with the Scorchers.

Jacob Mulder

Jacob Mulder has recently signed up with Genesis Cricket Australia as our first international all-rounder. Jacob plays for Ireland and also when in Australia in the premier competition in Western Australia, Perth. Jacob will be part of the T20 Ireland outfit for any international series including the World Cup. Hopefully Jacob lands T20 contracts in future, but for now he is passionate about Irish cricket becoming a strong country across the international arena.

Garrick Morgan

Garrick and his brother Jaron have both represented WA state schools and were part of the Australian Under 19 outfit. Garrick has over 7000 runs to his name and barring any injury will definitely keep the pressure on the WA squads moving forward. Garrick is a fitness professional with his own high performance business and will be an asset for Genesis Cricket Australia as we push to make positive impact within Australian cricket.

Josh Manning

Josh found Genesis thanks to Bobby Quiney (Victorian cricket legend) through the St Kilda Premier cricket club. Josh works very hard and has scored 500+ runs for the last 2 to 3 seasons for St Kilda. He has a break out year in 2018 winning the St Kilda Club Champion medal with 700+ runs. Josh loves Genesis because it is honest about helping any level of cricketer whether in the 1st XI for St Kilda or a local club cricket player who just needs a helping hand.

Mira Diab

Mira is a 13 year old who passionate about cricket as well as other sports such as AFL and basketball. Mira has been playing cricket since she was 6 years old. Mira has also been part of the representative cricket scene since she was 9 years old with her 4th straight year representing the Western Spirit in Victoria. 2020 will be her 2nd time going to Victoria woman’s tryouts. Mira plays club cricket for Sunshine YCW and represents all that Genesis is about in the growth of cricket not only in the boys or men’s game but also across girls and woman cricket.

Bill Jenkin

Bill plays the game for the comradery he shares with his teammates who share common goals among your close peers and working together to achieve that goal. Bill believes when you share a common goal and have a clear understanding of how to achieve that goal, you can then have a process and a standard that is adhered to from all of those involved. Since Bill stepped into a coaching role over recent years he has have found a new passion for coaching and helping others improve their game. As with Genesis, Bill takes the satisfaction of seeing others develop which helps Genesis and Bill improve and grow. Bills traits align well with Genesis’s constant develop and grow attitude towards people. Genesis is really excited and happy that Bill has chosen us to progress his future and help Genesis grow.

Karl Heckman

Karl’s passion for cricket began at the age of 3 whilst watching Dad play indoor cricket down at Thomastown indoor centre. Before, during and after each of his games Karl would always try to get on the court with Kookaburra Bubble in hand itching for anyone to throw a ball to him. The years passed and Karl’s passion and enjoyment for cricket grew stronger and stronger taking Karl on to be part of some great clubs where he had the privilege of playing in many a final. Growing on from those early years it became Karl’s ultimate goal to win a seniors 1st XI Premiership and this dream is more prevalent today than it ever was and is now what drives Karl to put 100% into each and every game. Karl’s now plays with honour, his words, “for South Morang alongside family and peers where he pursues his goals of premierships with a great club.” Karl is a coach who loves mentoring the young, up-coming gifted cricketers and is a role that he is indebted to the club for.
Respect, discipline and professionalism are the three key values Karl and Genesis both believe in and live by.

Luke Sirianni

Being a Genesis ambassador is a great achievement, as this brand represents what Luke stands for in cricket. Playing for his local club Lower Plenty Luke has kept growing his passion for cricket thanks to the family based and supportive values of the club. Genesis approached Luke to be a brand ambassador as the brand’s image and what the brand stands for is everything the Luke loves about cricket. Genesis aims to support ‘every’ cricketer no matter what level of cricket and is passionate about growing ‘youth’. Passion being one thing, however, quality English Willow bats allow Luke to play the expansive shots with confidence.

Sean Bathman – National Business Development & Player Mgr

Sean was one of the first ambassadors to come onboard with Genesis. He is a hard hitting left handed batsman who keeps or bowls. Sean plays and has played cricket all over Victoria and was one of the Cricket Victoria alumni who forged the development programs that Cricket Victoria junior and underprivileged kids into the game. Sean is also the National Business Development and Player manager and was elected to this position on 2020 because of his passion for kids. Sean is also a qualified coach and teacher of cricket. Sean is the life blood of why Genesis is around today and why we need to influence positive change in the game.

Dan Gikovski

Dan is another young prospect out of Ivanhoe Grammar school who has played representative cricket in the North East for a couple of years. Dan is part of the North Metro youth program and has represented grammar schools. Dan loves Genesis gear because the quality outshines any gear he has ever used. Dan is meticulous in his preparations and works hard to keep ahead of his competition. Genesis chose Dan as he has the same drive we have to perfect the game and resurrect quality gear at quality prices.

Clodagh Ryall

Clodagh has been part of the QLD cricket scene for many a year now. Clodagh has represented the Australian Indigenous woman’s team, QLD U18’s and regularly performs as an opening bat for Wynnum Manly and this year Sunshine Coast. Clodagh has aspirations to play and be the best. Clodagh loves Heritage as a brand as it identifies with her heritage. Genesis came along and has helped her parents copy with the every growing cost of larger brands in market, while keeping the quality as good if not better.

Nathan Rabnott

Nathan Rabnott is a legend in the QLD cricket arena. Competing at the highest level for many a year and is the 1st Grade Captain for Wynnum Manly CC, one of the largest clubs in Brisbane. Nathan also looks after the grounds which are immaculate from 1st down to 6th grade on a weekly basis. Nathan is into his 15th season with the club after moving south to Brisbane from Gladstone as 17 year old to test himself in a better competition. His stats don’t lie and with over 7000 runs amassed over the journey it is perplexing why he never represented QLD. Nathan is the life blood of Wynnum and is admired by many.

Nicholas King

Nicholas ‘Kingy’ King loves cricket and has played the game for as long as he can remember. Nick got his first bat when he was 2 and fell in love with the game from there. Nick made his First Grade debut for Wynnum Manly CC at the age of 19. Nick thoroughly enjoy the challenge of playing against some of the best players in the state and country with the highest quality gear that Genesis cricket provides. As a short form opening batsmen it’s great to know Nick has a piece of English Willow in his hand that allows him to clear the fence with ease every time. Nick enjoys using Genesis keeping gear as it is extremely comfortable to wear those long days in the field! Nick is looking forward to every winter or summer season in QLD, working as hard as he can to give himself the best chance of performing consistently and putting his name forward for a BBL contract at some stage. As expressed by Nick, ‘there is nothing better in a Pre-Season than getting a delivery of cricket gear from Genesis, knowing that you have some of the best gear going around’ to be able to take on the best. The bats and soft gear definately stands up to a lot of work giving you the edge you need over your opponent.

Holly Barr

Holly is the newest QLD recruit in the woman’s 1st Grade competition where she plays for Wynnum Manly CC. Holly is a hard hitting all-rounder who aspires to play at the highest level possible. Holly loves working as hard as she can to make that big score and contribute while using Genesis cricket gear to stay ahead of the rest. Holly loves Genesis because they care about youth and identify the need to improve youth cricket in both the boys and girls game. Holly uses the Ice Range because she feels cool and believes she cuts through ice with bat and ball.