About Us

SM Cricket was founded by entrepreneur Shivon Doyle in 2017. The company evolved by pursuing the ambition and enthusiasm for the game. Genesis has grown through integrity, trusted customer relationships, enhanced product design and partnerships within the game to pursue excellence in all facets..

For the past seven years Genesis has focused on developing and designing a premium brand, tailor made to suit each individual customer needs. Through perseverance the concept of Genesis was established – a new beginning.

Genesis Cricket Australia owner Carl Breitenbach decided to join SM Cricket’s pursuit of a global brand. Carl was running Cricket Bat Creations (CBC) which was on a similar journey to bring a quality brand that was ICC approved to any level of cricket. Carl’s main objective was to provide a percentage returns to clubs who referred players so that they could raise money for social events. Genesis Cricket Australia owner is proud to be associated with a brand which incorporates best business practice, together with a strong passion for customer service and the next level of services or product offerings to kids and youth who are lost to the game due to profit hungry brands.

Genesis also has a presence in New Zealand, India, USA and UK/Ireland. Truly striving to provide anyone and everyone quality English Willow and Pittard leather made gear.

Genesis Cricket Australia Product Statement:

Genesis Cricket Australia have a strict returns policy for our English Cricket Bat Willow clefts and blades. (Called blades or clefts depending which country you are in).

English Cricket Bat Willow (referred to as EW) is grown commercially in the UK and has been for over 100 years. We have done everything possible to ensure the wood is in the best possible condition when sold but sometimes natural occurrences can cause issues.

The one issue that causes most of the problems are high winds, this cause’s the trees to move excessively and sometimes to such an extent the fibres break. If it is a serious amount of damage it can be seen when the tree is first processed and this is then rejected at that stage, but if it is only slight damage and is not evident in the tree or the rough sawn cleft it may get through to the Genesis Cricket Australia and even after making into a bat is very hard to spot. We do not accept any returns at all for any type of natural material defect in the wood that causes splitting or breaking of the bat, it has to be accepted as a natural product and we do not feel should have to offer replacement, however, we will assess on a case by case basis.

Bats can still break after any amount of use for many different reasons, these are some of the possible circumstances:

  1. If poor quality, cheap cricket balls are used, cheap balls can be very hard and have very little cork inside.
  2. Some manufacturers in the sub-continent are using European Willow and still calling it English Willow.  This willow looks good with many narrow grains, it even plays well for a short time but it is very brittle and soon breaks.  A lot of fake bats will be made form this wood. It grows wild on the rivers of Europe and has to deal with extremes of heat and cold which makes it very slow growing. It is very hard to tell a European Willow from an English Willow bat, generally European willow will be very narrow grained and have a lot of red colour, but not always. If the bat is branded and too cheap to be true it could be European Willow.
  3. Yorkers being bowled, if a bat comes into contact with the ground and a fast delivered Yorker delivery, it can cause splits from the bottom of the bat, as long as the wood remains intact these can normally be repaired.
  4. We are also under tremendous pressure to supply lightweight EW clefts and blades. Please note that the EW wood is dried to a specific moisture content, which is tried and tested and are therefore unable to dry the cleft/blade any further or it will lose its strength. Density of each tree governs the weight of the timber with some being light and some heavy.

The trend for narrow grains (more than 7 in a finished bat) is also something that means bats will not last as long. The wood is older and more brittle so although it plays well with good rebound qualities as soon as it is bought, but it will not last anywhere like as long as a wide grain bat with say 4 to 6 grains. Bats from these wider grain clefts will play well eventually but will need knocking in well and more patience from the batsman. In our opinion the strongest bat you can buy which will hit the ball well is one with wider grains and the butterfly marks in, we have never seen a broken bat with butterfly stains. Good and clean bats are not necessarily the best by any means.

Please be aware of these issues and if there is any cause for complaint please contact us, although we are under no obligation to replace the broken bat free of charge, we will assess each on a case by case basis.

Genesis will always assess all issues or concerns and where deemed the fault of our manufacturing process will replace the bat at a reduced price or no price at all.